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            1. we'd better develop our interest in english at the   beginning of our study. to develop interest in english study   is not very hard. we may have the feeling of satisfaction and  achievement from our english study when we are able to say  something simple in english, talk with others or foreigners in  english and act as others' interpreters.


            2. plans are always very essential, so we must make some   elaborate and workable plans before study. and we should   certainly carry out these plans to the letter.

            制定英语学习计划太重要了,所以我们必须在学习前制定精细的和可操作的计划. 并且我们一定要严格执行这些计划.请注意:千万不要干没有计划的傻事,那等于在浪费生命.

            3. notes should be made whenever we study any book. we may  follow this advice: don't read book without making notes. as we know that notes are the summarization, the core content,  our understanding and the abbreviations of the books. our  notes are much thinner than the books so that we can learn  them by heart easier and can often review and read them. we  may also record our notes on tapes so as to often listen to  them easier, to deepen our impression and to lighten our   burden of memory. sometimes it is needful to draw some tables  and illustrations that are very impressive, visual and  concise.


            4. watching english movies, english tv programs, listening to english songs and learn english on some special occasions are also excellent and vivid english learning ways as we may combine english with some certain scenes to deepen our memory.


            5. never just memorize single english words. learn by heart    the whole sentences and the phrases that contain the new words   so we may know how to use the words.


            6. if time permits, we may read mini chinese-english   dictionary carefully from cover to cover, which may help us  widen our sight and master knowledge in all aspects.


            7. excellent personality is one of the decisive factors in  english study. persistence, patience, self-confidence and determination are badly needed.


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