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      6. A. My name is Mark.      B. I'm 12 years old.      C. I'm a reporter.
      7. A. Thanks a lot           B. Me, too.             C. You are  welcome.
      8. A. Good luck!            B. No, a isn't.           C. It's rainy.
      9. A. Nice to meet you.       B. That's OK.          C. I hope so.
      10. A. Yes. please.           B It's great            C. I don't feel Hell.
      11. What color is this pair of shorts?
      A. Ked.        B. Blue.                C. White.
      12. When will Tim have the test?
      A. On Saturday Morning. B. On Sunday afternoon.   C. On Friday morning.
      13. Where is Jack now?
      A. in London.      B. In New York.          C. In Tokyo.
      14. What’s the matter with the man?
      A. He bas a sore throat   B. He has a headache.      C. He has a fever.
      15. What is the machine used for?
      A. Washing dishes.     B. Catching something.     C. Cutting apples.
      16. Where was I playing football with my classmates?
      A. On the playground.      B. On the street          C. In the garden.
      17. Who took me to the hospital at once?
      A. My parents.         B. My classmates.         C. The policemen.
      18. During my stay in bed, some classmates _ .
      A. sent me some flowers     B. called me every day      C. helped me with my lessons
      19. Did I pass all the exams?
      A. Yes, I did.      B. No, l didn’t.      C. We don’t know.
      20. What will I do my best lo do?
      A. I will give all my love to my family.       B.I will give all my love to others
      C.I wil give all my love to my school.
      【2011乌鲁木齐】21. He has something wrong with his _ .He cannot see clearly.
      A. leg         B. eye      C. hand       D. arm
      【解析】名词辨析 由下文看不清,可知眼睛有毛病。

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