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      I. Listening (本题共 25 分,Part One、Part Two 每小题分,Part Three、Part Four 每小题2分)
      Part One  Choose the right picture according to the description you hear.
      Part Two  Match the best choice from A to F according to what you hear.
      4.Lingling      A. joins the stamp collectors’ club.
      5.Henry      B. is more interested in basketball.
      6.David      C. is a tennis fan.
      7.Xiaoming   D. likes rock music very much.
      E. wants to know more about China.
      F. doesn't like Li Na at all.
      Part Three  Choose the right answer according to what you hear.
      8. _____ show the greatest interest in the film.
      A. Adults       B. Children    C. Old people
      9. The film and the TV series have the same _______
      A. ending       B. characters    C. story
      10.It's _______to buy tickets for the film.
      A. easy           B. difficult    C. impossible
      11.The box office (泉历 J of the 151m has reached _______yuan.
      A. 3,000,000        B‘ 13,000,000 C. 30,000,000
      Part Four   Complete the chart according to what you hear.
      IL Multiple choice (本题共15分,每小题1分)
      Choose the best answer from A, B or C according to the meaning of the sentence*
      17. Lily will go to the _______. She wants to exchange some money in it
      A. bankB. restaurantC. bookstore
      18. Alice, are you ready? We'll go out for a picnic _______nine o'clock.
      A. inB. afterC. until
      19.—Sugar or milk in your coffee?
      —Sugar. I like coffee with _______in it.
      A. nothing sweetB. something sweet  C. something sour
      20.—Did Miss King see your report card?
      —Yes, she did. The smile on her face showed she was very _______.
      A. upsetB. worriedC. pleased
      21.It has rained for almost a month in Mudanjiang. We ______saw the sun come out.
      A. oftenB. hardlyC. always

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