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    作者:佚名 信息来源:本站原创 更新时间:2011-8-22

      英 语 试 卷-1
      第一部分 基础知识运用(共两节,满分45分)
      (  )1. Fred plays _____ piano after _____ supper every day.
      A. the; the                   B. /; the                       C. the; /
      (  )2. – How do you study for a test?
      -- _____ working with friends.
      A. By                          B. With                        C. On
      (  )3. I don’t believe that this _____ boy can paint such a nice picture.
      A. five years old           B. five-years-old           C. five-year-old
      (  )4. Stop making so much _____. The children are sleeping.
      A. voice                      B. noise                       C. sound
      (  )5. Football is so exciting that _____ people in the world play it.
      A. million of                 B. millions of               C. two millions of
      (  )6. – You’re late again. Do you have anything to say for yourself?
      -- _____ except sorry.
      A. Something               B. Nothing                   C. Anything
      (  )7. My sister has practiced tennis for a long time. She plays tennis _____ you.
      A. as good as               B. so well as                C. as well as
      (  )8. – Physics _____ more difficult than Chinese, do you think so?
      -- Yes, I think so.
      A. is                            B. are                          C. has
      (  )9. – It _____ hard outside. You have to stay at home.
      A. rain                         B. is raining                 C. rained
      (  )10. – Whose notebook is this?
      -- It _____ Tom. I saw he used it just now.
      A. must belong to         B. can’t belong to         C. might be belonged to
      (  )11. Waste paper shouldn’t _____ everywhere. It’s our duty to keep our classroom clean.
      A. be thrown               B. throw                      C. is thrown
      (  )12. When I was a child, my grandmother _____ me interesting stories.
      A. used to tell               B. is used to telling       C. used to tell
      (  )13. -- _____ nice day it is today! Let’s go out to play, shall we?
      -- That’s a good idea.
      A. How a                    B. What a                    C. How
      (  )14. – It’s an exciting movie. I’ve just seen it.
      -- _____.
      A. So do I                   B. So I have                 C. So have I
      (  )15. – Do you know _____ this time yesterday?
      -- Sorry, I don’t know.
      A. what she is doing     B. what was she doing  C. what she was doing
      (  )16. _____ he was only twelve, he could run faster than any kids in the school.
      A. Though                   B. Because                   C. If
      (  )17. – Do you know who cleaned the blackboard, Tina?
      -- Yes. John _____.
      A. do                          B. does                        C. did

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