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    作者:佚名 信息来源:本站原创 更新时间:2011-8-22

      第一部分 听力(共两节;满分20分)
      第—节 (共5小题,每小题l份,满分5分)
      6. How many people will go to the old people's home?
      A. Two. B. One. C. Three.
      7. How will they go there?
      A. By bike. B. By bus. C. On foot.
      8. What's the weather like in Hawaii?
      A. Rainy and wet. B. Sunny. C. Snowy.
      9. When did Bill go to Hawaii?
      A. Last year. B. Last week. C. This year.
      10. Who surfed in Hawaii?
      A. Bill. B. Mary. C. Tony.
      11. What sport will Jack take part in?
      A. Jumping. B. Running. C. Basketball.
      12. Why did Jack stay up?
      A. Because he did too much homework.
      B. Because he had a stomachache.
      C. Because he looked after his brother。
      13. Where have Jack's parents gone?
      A. New York. B. Paris. C. Tokyo.
      14. Where does the conversation probably take place?
      A. In the library. B. In the restaurant. C. In the store.
      15. How much is the scarf?
      A. $8. B. $20. C. $10.
      16. What does the man decide to buy?
      A. A hat. B. A scarf. C. A watch.
      17. What was Hong Kong before?
      A. A small fishing village.
      B. A big theme park.
      C. A small old tower.
      18. What is Hong Kong famous for?
      A. Many places of interest.
      B. An international business center.
      C. Wonderful native dishes.
      19. Why are houses very expensive in Hong Kong?
      A. Because Hong Kong is a mix of East and West.
      B. Because there are too many people.
      C. Because there are many kinds of food.
      20. What can we know from the passage?
      A. The weather is fine in Hong Kong.
      B. There are many schools in Hong Kong.
      C. There is air(空气) pollution in Hong Kong.

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