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    作者:佚名 信息来源:本站原创 更新时间:2011-8-21

      英 语答案解析
      2、本试题总共九大题,满分150 答题时间120分钟.
      I. 情景交际,根据所给情景选择最佳答案。(10小题,每小题2分,共20分〉【2011黔西南】1. —"Merry Christmas! Boys and girls".—______________..
      A. Thank you very much.         B. You are very kind
      C. The same to you           D. Never mind.
      解析:C. 考查日常英语;卮餗erry Christmas!或Happy New Year!用The same to you.
      【2011黔西南】2. —Would you mind opening the door? It’s hot outside.________.—_____________.
      A. Certainly not   B. Yes, please   C. Sorry, I won't     D. Thank you
      解析:A. 考查日常英语。不介意用Certainly not;Not at all; Of course not.
      【2011黔西南】3. —What does your new English teacher look like?—__________.
      A. She has blue eyes        B. She is Miss Smith
      C. She comes from America   D. She has a daughter
      解析:A. 考查日常英语。What+助动词+主语+look like?用来询问外貌。
      【2011黔西南】4.—I’m sorry for being late, Miss Green. —___________.
      A. That's right  B. You are welcome C. It doesn't matter  D. You should be sorry
      解析:C. 考查日常英语。用来回答别人道歉的句子有It doesn't matter;Never mind; That’s OK; It’s nothing; That’s all right.
      【2011黔西南】5. —It’ s sunny today, Daddy, How about going sw imming with me?
      —_______. Let’s ask your mommy to go with us.
      A. Don't worry    B. Never mind     C. Not at all       D. Good idea
      解析:D. 考查日常英语。Good idea符合题意,其他选项不符合。
      【2011黔西南】6. —Hello! May I speak to Lily, please?  —_____,I’ll go and get her.
      A. Speaking      B. Hurry up       C.I don't think so    D. Hold on, please
      解析:C. 考查日常英语。电话常用语,根据I’ll go and get her应该是请对方稍等Hold on, please。
      【2011黔西南】7. —My grandmother died last month, I’m very sad about it.—____.
      A. You are welcome       B. That’s all right
      C. I’ m sorry to hear that   D. I hope you'll feel better soon
      解析:C. 考查日常英语。当对方说发生了不好的事情时,我们应该用I’ m sorry to hear that作出回应。
      【2011黔西南】8.—What's the woman in a white hat? —____________.
      A. She is my teacher    B. She is a cook   C. She is thirty   D. She is a girl
      解析:B. 考查日常英语。What's the woman?是用来问职业的。故选择B.

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