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    作者:佚名 信息来源:本站原创 更新时间:2011-8-21

      第一部分 听力部分 (共25小题, 计25分)
      1. A. Is that true?             B. That's right.          C. I'm sorry to hear that.
      2. A. You can't.              B. Hold on, please.       C. Who are you?
      3. A. Really?                B. I think so.            C. I'm glad you like it.
      4. A. Are you Mark?          B. Nice to meet you.      C. I don't know you.
      5. A. Any kind is okay.        B. I'm not hungry.        C. I'd like some coffee.
      6. A. I'm sorry. I have to study for my math test.
      B. No, I'm not interested in any party.
      C. Happy birthday. I'm sure to come.
      7.            8.           9.           10.
      11. A. In the country.              B. In a school library.          C. In a bookstore.
      12. A. It began at 8:15.             B. It began at 8:30.           C. It began at 8:45.
      13. A. Sam.                      B. Bob.                     C. Jack.
      14. A. Not so good.                B. Not so bad.               C. Not so boring.
      15. A. The Main Post Office.        B. The Central Gym.          C. The City Library.
      16. A. He wants to find a new job.
      B. He wants to change his pen for a new one.
      C. He wants to buy another new pen at the same store.
      17. A. It's OK to go skating.
      B. It's good to stay at home.
      C. It’s nice to visit the space museum.
      18. A. Tony.          B. Tim.             C. Bill.
      19. A. Because he has caught a cold.
      B. Because he wants to sleep far some more time.
      C. Because he worked until almost midnight yesterday.
      20. A. He is next to Jane.  B. He is in front of Jane.    C. He is on Cindy's left.

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